AR Recordings: in free download la compilation del 2018

L’etichetta AR Recordings pubblica la propria compilation del 2018 e la offre in free download. Nella playlist trovano posto brani di Guy Littell, Jack Adamant, Staggerman, Laura Lalla Domeneghini, Lameba.

AR Recordings – Best of 2018

01. Guy Littell – Song from a dream (from One of those fine days)
02. Jack Adamant – A gap in the sun (from A gap in the sun)
03. Staggerman – Rabid dog (from Hobos and gentlemen)
04. Laura Lalla Domeneghini – Dream a lullaby (from Lallabies)
05. Lameba – Standing on a bleeding twilight phase II – State of regression (from Standing on a bleeding twilight)
06. Guy Littell – Trust people more (demo version 2018)
07. Jack Adamant – For nothing (live in Stockholm, October 2017)
08. Staggerman – Strawberry eyed (from Hobos and gentlemen)
09. Laura Lalla Domeneghini – I wish I were a Carpenter (from Lallabies)
10. Lameba – A wonderful becoming (from A wonderful becoming)
11. Guy Littell – Twenty six (from One of those fine days)
12. Jack Adamant – Unkind (from Unkind)
13. Staggerman – The leech (from Hobos and gentlemen)
14. Laura Lalla Domeneghini – Typewriter (from Lallabies)
15. Lameba – The bleeding circus (my life in the hand of Osiris) (from A wonderful becoming)

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